Recipe Index

Sunshine Toast
Chocolate Chip Puffins
Half-half Waffles
Oats & Cherry Crumble
Egg Bhurji
Spicy Eggs and Sausage Hash
Fluffy Vanilla Bean Pancakes
Broccoli-Mushroom Crust-less Quiche
3-Cheese Baked Eggs in Tomato Cups
Scallion Cream Mushrooms on Toast

Meat & Poultry
Cubed Brisket
Mini Shish Tawook
Mechoui-style Roasted Lamb
Chicken Quesadillas
Sogo' - Egyptian Sausage
Chicken Spinach Roulade

Hot Cinnamon Drumsticks
Garlic & Pomegranate Chicken Liver

Sole en Papillote with Dukka
Egyptian-style Prawn Soup
Pan-seared Salmon
Breaded Fish Tikka
Coconut Milk Mussels
Smoked Herring Salad

Snacks, Sides & Salads
Pan-fried Aubergines with a Ginger-Mustard Mayonnaise
Mozzarella Sticks
Roasted Aubergine Salad
Zucchini Frittercakes
Honey-roasted Pear Salad
Roasted Pepper Dip
Summac-tossed Zucchini & Chilli-Garlic Tomatoes
Warm Spiced Potato Salad
Tirmis - Lupini Beans
Makeshift Dal Makhni
Lemon Curd

Orzo Chicken Salad
Smoked Herring Salad

Pasta, Potatoes & Rice
Basterma Pasta Bake
Tomato Aubergine Pasta
Spiced Basmati Pilaf
Half-browned Rice
Roasted Tomato Elbow Macaroni
Slow-roasted Duck, Walnut & Rocket Spaghetti
Gratin Dauphinois
Sha'areyya - Egyptian Vermicelli
Koshari-inspired Spaghetti
Sweet Potato Fries
Hasselback Potatoes with a Saffron-Garlic Oil
Spiced Tomato and Toasted Almond Basmati 

Mom's Cinnamon Rice

Sandwiches, Savory Tarts & Breads
Mediterranean Panini
Aromatic Lentil Tart
Pliable Pizza Dough
Pita Bread
Rosemary Bread
Basic Breadsticks

Desserts, Pastries & Confections
Vanilla Pound Cake
Chaussons aux Pommes

Double Blueberry Cake
Cinnamon-Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Microwave Cupcake
Sugar Cookies
Everyday Chocolate Cake
Cocoa-Cinnamon Brownies
Butternut Squash Brûlée
Lemon Crunch Drizzle Cake
Chocolate-Zucchini Cake
Suji Halwa
Poached Pears in Spiced Karkadeh

Pistachio-Milk Chocolate Brownies
Lemon-Mastic Mehalabia Brûlée
Doughnut Muffins
Mulberry-Strawberry Jam Cake

Boiled Cranberry + Raisin Cake 
Zebra Biscotti 
Spiced Banana & Date Loaf

Compotes and Jams

Dragonfruit-Kiwi Smoothie
Iced Peppermint Green Tea

Banana-Mixed Nut Espresso Smoothie

Garlic Confit

Rough Recipes

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